Conceptual Assessment of Physiology


Jenny McFarland, Physiology Core Concepts: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding for the Department of Human Physiology seminar at the University of Oregon in Eugene OR, 10 May 2019. A few photos were removed and others were compressed the following:

Download: uofo_humanphys-05-10-2019-compressed.ppt

Joel Michael, "Teaching Physiology in the Midst of a Knowledge Explosion: A Role for Core Concepts", keynote presentation for the Annual Meeting of the Indiana of Physiological Society at Wabash College on March 2, 2019.

Download: indiana-physio-soc-2march2019-reduced.pptx

Joel Michael, "Using core concepts in the Physiology Classroom" presentation for the Department of Physiology at Michigan State University (MSU) on October 12, 2018.

Download: michigan-state-seminar2018.pptx

Jenny McFarland, Physiology Core Concepts in the Curriculum presentation at the Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG), second annual meeting in Tucson AZ, 29 June 2018.

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Joel Michael, Teaching physiology with core concepts presentation for the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology (for the MIP Seminar series) at University of Michigan on June 28, 2018.

Download: univmichigan-mip-presentation-and-workshop.pptx

Jenny McFarland, EB 2018 Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship of the Teaching of Physiology Section, Transformations – paths to student-centered, evidence-based physiology education (this is a shorter version of the slide deck than the one at EB, due to size limits on this page).

Download: jlm-eb-2018-bernard-lecture-4-22-2018-final_sh.ppt

Reflective Worksheet for Jenny McFarland, 2018 Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship of the Teaching of Physiology Section, Transformations – paths to student-centered, evidence-based physiology education

Download: bernard-lecture-worksheet-final-.docx

HAPS 2017 Workshop (in Salt Lake City): "Teaching Physiology from Core Concepts"

Abstract: Our goal in undergraduate education is for students to understand and apply core concepts in physiology. Many reports (including Vision & Change) have come to this conclusion. Our physiology education research team worked with members of HAPS, APS and others to develop published conceptual frameworks (homeostasis, cell-cell communication and flow down gradients), identify misconceptions, validate a concept inventory and made recommendations for teaching physiology from core concepts. In this workshop participants will work with and discuss a suite of published tools to help frame student learning and instruction as well as course and program design in physiology and A&P. Supported by NSF DUE-1043443.

Download: haps-workshop-2017-core-concepts.ppt

HAPS 2017 Poster (in Salt Lake City): "Developing Learning Progressions in Undergraduate Physiology (LeaP UP)"

Abstract: A learning progression helps us understand how students' mental models of principles are refined and strengthened over a curriculum. We have proposed a learning progression to describe how students reason about the physiological principles of flux and mass balance as this set of basic principles apply to and explain the mechanisms of a wide variety of physiological systems. We have used our learning progression to design an assessment and are using computerized text analysis to analyze students' responses. When developed, this automated assessment system will allow for wide-spread use of the learning progression and assessment in undergraduate physiology

Download: 2017-blc-haps-lp-poster-2-23-17-1-.pdf

"Application of Core Concepts in Physiology to Student-Centered Learning and Scientific Teaching"

Talk and panel discussion participant in an APS Teaching Section symposium at 3:15 pm, Monday 4 April 2016 at EB in San Diego: "Scientific Foundation for Clinical Practice: More Than a Pile of Facts".

Download: jlm-eb-2016-core-concepts-v-5-.ppt

"Homeostasis as a core concept: Teaching & Learning"

Workshop for Anatomy & Physiology faculty at the College of Central Idaho (CWI) in Nampa ID. Faculty from the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) attend too.

Download: a-and-p-cwi-8-jan-2016-homeostasis.ppt

"The core concepts of physiology: What are they and how do we know if our students understand them?"

Invited presentation at the Australian Physiological Society symposium "What do we want our physiology graduates to know and be able to do?" Hobart, Tasmania, November 30, 2015.

Download: hobart_presentation_v2.pptx

"Concept inventories: Assessing concepts and competencies to improve learning and teaching"

Jenny McFarland chaired the APS symposium, including a talk “Conceptual assessment in physiology: from core concepts, conceptual frameworks and misconceptions to conceptual assessment” at the Experimental Biology (EB) meetings in Boston, MA.